Real Life Combat: 3 on 1 Road Rage

Red Shirt Gets the Better of the Exchange

I’d like to thank reader Rob for alerting me to the following incident. I’m not including the footage here because it’s very disturbing. You can see the video here, but I must give you a warning of strong and unsettling content.

A guy whom I’ll call “Red Shirt” squares off against three motorists from another car. Mistake number one. Do you really need to start something? Especially when there are three of them, and who knows what weapons might be in play.

So Red Shirt challenges Gray Stripes to a fist fight, and both men go through the preparatory motions, rolling up their sleeves, getting into a stance, and so on. Here combat resembles the standard dojo sparring scenario, BUT YOU DO NOT WANT TO DO THIS. I think Red Shirt has made a foolish assumption of mutual combat in a “fair” fight, with certain implied rules. He is completely wrong.

Red Shirt leads with a high kick to Gray Stripes’ chest. This is a bad, bad move. He makes the classic karate snap kick mistake, in that his kick is snapped upward, when it should be launched forward, like a thrust. The upward kick connects with nothing. A Thai kick would be better, or better still, a low kick to Gray Stripes’ knee, which impedes his mobility and evens the odds in a multiple opponent scenario,

Unbelievably, Red Shirt launches the same ineffective kick a second time. Now why do I say a high kick is a bad idea? Because it can be grabbed, which is exactly what happens here. If the kick landed solidly, having it grabbed might not be so devastating, but this kick has nothing on it and cannot hurt the opponent.

That kick should have been the game-ender right there. Let us think: the situation is 3 on 1 and one of those opponents is holding your foot at waist height. Yet Red Shirt gets out of it by clawing Gray Stripes’ face with an open hand. Now Red Shirt and Gray Stripes are in punching range, and are exchanging punches. Red Shirt is getting the better of the exchange. One of Gray Stripes’ buddies wants to intervene, but with both guys circling and swinging wildly, he risks getting clocked if he steps in.

Gray Stripes is getting beaten on the punching exchange, with Red Shirt landing several solid hooks to the head. Can you guess what Gray Stripes does next?

Of course, Gray Stripes closes and gets Red Shirt in a loose tackle, with his arms around Red Shirt’s midsection. Remember, an opponent who is getting beaten will close. Red Shirt responds by putting Gray Stripes in a headlock.

Now that Red Shirt is immobilized, it is now safe for Gray Stripes’ buddy to intervene, which he does. Both men take Red Shirt to the ground. It is 2 on 1,and the devastating blow is the kick to the head, delivered from behind, that Red Shirt never saw coming. The two men continue to kick Red Shirt in the head while he lies on the ground unconscious.

This episode is a tragic example of why you want to avoid fights at all costs. This was totally unnecessary. Red Shirt is lucky to be alive, particularly when you consider the huge mismatch in his confidence against three men, versus his poor skills.

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