Gun Ownership –The Key to Civil Rights

Actor Danny Glover has been quoted saying that the second amendment right to keep and bear arms was intended to put down slaves and American Indians. Other commentators, such as Tom Brokaw, have been comparing gun owners and the NRA to racists in the 60’s, and the need to defeat the NRA to the fight to defeat Nazis.

Yet guns in the hands of blacks, aided by the NRA, were instrumental in defending the rights as well of the lives of black Americans.

From Ann Coulter:

Gun control laws were originally promulgated by Democrats to keep guns out of the hands of blacks. This allowed the Democratic policy of slavery to proceed with fewer bumps and, after the Civil War, allowed the Democratic Ku Klux Klan to menace and murder black Americans with little resistance….

….This will give you an idea of how gun control laws worked. Following the firebombing of his house in 1956, Dr. Martin Luther King, who was, among other things, a Christian minister, applied for a gun permit, but the Alabama authorities found him unsuitable. A decade later, he won a Nobel Peace Prize.

How’s that “may issue” gun permit policy working for you?


Robert and Mabel Williams, Civil Rights Heroes

The NRA opposed these discretionary gun permit laws and proceeded to grant NRA charters to blacks who sought to defend themselves from Klan violence — including the great civil rights hero Robert F. Williams.

A World War II Marine veteran, Williams returned home to Monroe, N.C., to find the Klan riding high — beating, lynching and murdering blacks at will. No one would join the NAACP for fear of Klan reprisals. Williams became president of the local chapter and increased membership from six to more than 200.

But it was not until he got a charter from the NRA in 1957 and founded the Black Armed Guard that the Klan got their comeuppance in Monroe.

Williams’ repeated thwarting of violent Klan attacks is described in his stirring book, “Negroes With Guns.” In one crucial battle, the Klan sieged the home of a black physician and his wife, but Williams and his Black Armed Guard stood sentry and repelled the larger, cowardly force. And that was the end of it.

As the Klan found out, it’s not so much fun when the rabbit’s got the gun.

Martin Luther King himself owned multiple guns. One visitor described King’s home as an “arsenal.”

In 1964, a group of black men led by Earnest Thomas and Frederick Kirkpatrick founded the Deacons for Defense and Justice in Jonesboro, Louisiana, which promoted armed self-defense for

Movie Version of Deacons for Defense and Justice

blacks. For example, when the KKK, led by the local chief of police, performed a show-of-force parade through the black part of town, a warning from the Deacons that further processions would be met with gunfire put a halt to those intimidating marches. (See here.) A cross burning was suddenly shut down by gunfire, and when firetrucks pulled up to hose down protesting African-Americans, a car full of Deacons brandished shotguns, resulting in no water hoses used.

Many blacks learned an important lesson about relying on the government to protect you –it often results in your death. As a criminal, Malcolm X often carried as many as three guns at a time, but at the time of his death, he had none. Malcolm once resorted to pointing his cane out the window at a car that was following him, hoping his cane would be mistaken for the barrel of a rifle or shotgun.

Other groups, such as homosexuals and women, have begun to realize that armed defense is the surest way to guarantee your own civil rights and safety.

Whether you choose to own a gun or not, you need to become politically active and lobby the government to protect the rights of law-abiding citizens to bear the weapons of their choosing. Are we really any safer because some states and localities have outlawed switchblades (except for one-armed men), daggers, butterfly knives, nunchakus, billy clubs, blackjacks, tonfa, etc.? So what is the 80-year-old lady going to do when she’s confronting a mugger? Why make criminals out of good people?

I contacted my congressman and urged him to oppose any and all gun legislation, and I joined the NRA. I urge you to do the same.

Civil Rights Heroes: Original Deacons for Defense and Justice

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