Canes and Other Resources

I’d like to thank reader Brian for alerting me to the following resources:images

Whip cane

“You can usually go to any feed store and ask for a “hog/pig show cane,” they are what CaneMasters use as their starting point…

much cheaper…very strong…spray them black…can take a full power swing at my tire targets w/o breaking…few canes can do that…


My best canes have been made out of Ironwood…they grow in creek beds…vertically ribbed with a green bark…

leave the bark on…put Saran Wrap over the ends (so they dry slowly) and the bark turns to a beautiful, tenacious dark brown…

We’ve found that whole trees or whole branches can flex in all directions—stronger than lathed products (even baseball bats break, hit cross-grain)…”


KA9406Ka-Bar also makes a cane.

I have a friend who relies on a cane because of arthritis in his hip. He successfully used his cane to defend himself, but I told him I still think his cane is too light. He has an adjustable aluminum cane that I feel isn’t good for striking and may collapse when striking, due to a single spring-loaded button so that you can adjust the length of the cane.


It is my belief that canes tend to be too light, so you need to search carefully to find a stout one.





Lastly, here is a combination bat and flashlight.



  1. Blackthorn54 says

    A little off-topic here but I thought you would appreciate this. I recently purchased one of those Rawlings 17 in. mini-bats that you posted about a while back. I have to tell you I was a little doubtful when it arrived and I saw the thickness of the grip end. However after working with it using full force strikes on my the homemade training dummy I made years ago from an Everlast heavy bag, I have to say you were right, and I have become a believer.

    That little bat can take (and deliver) a licking, and keep on ticking as the old Timex commercials used to say. I can definitely see its advantage in a confined, tight area. Considering it only cost me $13.00, I consider it a very worthwhile buy.

    I Just figured you’d appreciate the feedback.

    • Darrin says

      Guro Blackthorn,

      Thanks for the feedback. I think the bat also has the advantage of not looking as deadly as a blackjack or similar club, which comes in handy when stopped by police or defending yourself in court.

    • Darrin says

      Guro Blackthorn,

      I’d like to see a comparison of the number of people killed by hammers versus those killed with eskrima sticks. ?I’ve said that a real-world weapon is more likely to be a too, like a hammer, than a weapon like a sword

  2. Blackthorn54 says

    I’m on a roll this week with some of your old suggestions. Last year you put up this post;

    Well, yesterday I got a delivery from Amazon with the Maxcraft Stubby Hammer. I only had a short opportunity to test it out on my training dummy, but damned if I don’t like this little sucker. Easy to grip and hold on to, very maneuverable in the hand.
    My only problem is my wife checked it out and I think she’ going to appropriate it for when she does her Do-It-Yourself projects. Like I really need more pictures up on the walls at home :-/
    Well, at least it won’t sit around gathering dust like most of the ‘dedicated’ weapons I’ve bought over the years.

    • Darrin says


      I’m glad the post was useful. Not only will most real-world weapons be tools, by arming yourself with tools like the mini hammer of the neck knife they have functional, utilitarian uses. You probably won’t use your samurai sword to open a letter or a stubborn bag of chips, for instance.

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