Boker Koppo Product Review

I recently purchased the Boker koppo, which arrived in the mail yesterday. My first impression was one of solidity. The Boker koppo, although it has a hollow core giving it the shape of a test tube, is made of solid steel.

The advantage of the koppo over the kubotan/yawara is that the kubotan has a finger loop. This finger loop enables the user to open the palm for koppo in handgrabbing or striking with the open hand. This means that the koppo functions much like the little-known palm sap.

My one complaint is that the finger loop is too big and too loose, but it should be a simple matter to remove the current loop and replace it with a shorter length of paracord.

You can read another review of the Boker koppo here.

Don Rearic has solid material on the koppo stick here and here.




  1. cmichaelm56 says

    I’ve been eyeing those koppo sticks myself for a while now. I’m a big fan of the palm stick as a training tool. Once you become proficient with a palm stick, you almost never have to actually carry a purpose made one, because chances are you already carry, or have access to one. Pens, flashlights, a closed ASP, Sharpie markeres, rolled up magazines, combs, brushes, water bottles, a butter knife…the list goes on and on.

    • Darrin says


      I was looking for the link but couldn’t find it, where a guy explains how to wrap a small flashlight with paracord to create a koppo stick.

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